Storm in India: the number of victims has risen

Шторм в Индии: количество жертв возросло

Already know about the 46 dead.

In the storm, accompanied by lightning strikes in Northern and Eastern India has killed at least 46 people. Reported by the Daily Sabath, writes the with reference to RBC Ukraine.

“At least 46 people were killed in North and Eastern India because of the storm and lightning,” – said in the message.

The storm began Monday night. According to weather forecasts, in some parts of Uttar Pradesh will be a storm until Wednesday.

According to the state Agency dealing with natural disasters in the Eastern state of Bihar killed 19 people, 11 of them due to lightning strikes. In the state of Jharkhand 12 people were killed and 28 were wounded, another 15 people died in Uttar Pradesh.

The majority of deaths occurred due to collapse of houses and lightning strikes.

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