Student in the USA found living in her closet man

Студентка в США обнаружила жившего у нее в шкафу мужчину

A student from North Carolina named Maddy found a strange man in my closet with the clothes. It turned out that he lived there and wore her things. This was reported by FOX 8.

When Maddie began to disappear things in the room were constantly heard a strange noise, she decided that she wound up a Ghost or a raccoon. The student also began to notice the handprints on the wall in the bathroom.

But soon the uninvited guest made itself felt. It was found in her closet settled 30-year-old Andrew Swofford. The man also wore clothes of Maddie, including her socks and shoes. His backpack was also stuffed with things girls. According to the victim, he was acting very strange, but friendly.

Maddie called to her boyfriend. Waiting for help she spoke to a stranger, to distract him. Police detained the Swofford near the nearest gas station. He faced 14 charges, including theft and identity theft.