Suffered from his kindness: Slovaks complain about the accumulation of abandoned Ukrainians “EuroBLECH” (video)

Пострадали от своей доброты: словаки жалуются на скопление брошенных украинцами «евроблях» (видео)

In the Slovak villages of Bast and Cherry German near the border with Ukraine, the owners of cars with foreign registration massively abandon their vehicles due to the inability to clear them.

Over the past two weeks, the Ukrainians left there more than a hundred cars. Most of them are of Czech, Slovak or Polish license plates. According to the chief of the village Ubli, this situation caught local authorities by surprise. From the night of 25 November in the village began to leave the cars.

After this massive reset not cleared cars intensified looters. They strip a car for parts, and the body thrown in the village.

Residents of border villages have complained that the spontaneous Parking lot stopping them.

Our people want to help Ukrainians and allowed to leave the car at them in the yards. But we’ve become hostages of our kindness, and they’re just everywhere, “—said the head of the village Ubli Hope Serkova.

The inhabitants of the Slovak border with Ukraine sat down cautiously suggest that before the Christmas holidays the number of abandoned cars on the Ukrainians avtonomera will increase many times.

We will remind, on November 25, 2018 entered into force the law on legalization in Ukraine of vehicles on the euronumberH. then the owners “EuroBLECH” staged a mass protest at the Western border of Ukraine.

where abandoned cars of different types — from small cars to minivans. Most of them have a Hungarian or Polish license plates. Robbers and vandals break the glass, remove the wheels, handlebars, pull the instrument panel.

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