Summer on the “Gossip”: Keti Topuria, Elena Perminova, Nina Agdal in a bikini enjoying the sun and sea

Elena Perminova / Keti Topuria

While Muscovites waiting for warming (next week promises to +30), many stars are already enjoying the hot sun, because they can afford to have a vacation at any time of the year and fly off to bask on the beach all the way. Elena Perminova, Keti Topuria, Nina Agdal, Maryna linchuk, Bella Thorne and many others last week spent the summer holidays at the seaside and share with your followers on social networks hot vacation pictures in a bikini.

All, of course, demonstrate excellent form, what followers do not cease to tell the girls in social networks. Even Elena Kuletskaya that will give birth to a second child. However, the stars themselves, the concept of “beautiful form” is quite conditional, because the important thing is to be in harmony with each other. So, Nina Agdal, posting a photo in a bikini, has dedicated his post telling you about bodyshaping, with whom she repeatedly clashed over a modeling career.

Nina Agdal

Like everyone, I had periods when I didn’t feel comfortable in a bathing suit or even in skinny jeans — it seemed to me that I have a hanging belly and butt is too big. I have always been uncomfortable in dresses and blouses that emphasized the neckline or the shoulders because the chest seemed too lush, and shoulders — the shoulders of a swimmer.

Each of us has their complexes, this is normal. The main thing that they did not allow self-doubt to win and make believe we’re not attractive enough or good that is what defines us. All of our “flaws” are beautiful, because they make us unique

— concluded the ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio, and followers supported it.

Keti Topuria

Elena Perminova

Elena Kuletskaya

Elena Kuletskaya with my daughter

Elena Kuletskaya

Maryna Linchuk

Ekaterina Odintsova

Alyssa Milano

Bella Thorne

Kourtney Kardashian

Dasha Caruso

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