Summer recipes for beauty and skin health

Летние рецепты для красоты и здоровья кожи

Will provide the skin with nutrition all year roundSummer, you need to provide the skin the necessary nutrition to prepare her for the fall and winter, when there is not such amount of vitamins, writes the with reference to Golos.Ua

In the summer season it is best to make such a mask, in which as many fresh fruits, berries, greens, herbs and vegetables.

Summer watermelon face mask. The flesh of the watermelon to turn into a puree, put it in cheesecloth and use to the facial skin.

Beet summer mask. Beets to grate on cucumbers, sprinkle it with lemon juice, mix with sour cream, add chopped parsley.

Summer berry mask. The flesh of garden strawberries and wild strawberries to mix in equal proportions, to turn into a puree, mix with heavy cream until thick.

Summer potato mask. Young fresh potatoes grated, put in cheesecloth and use as a mask.

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