Sunday and Monday in southern Ontario is expected to intense heat (PHOTO)

В воскресенье и понедельник в южной части Онтарио ожидается сильная жара (ФОТО)

Meteorological service under the Ministry of environmental protection of Canada issued a warning about the heat, covering most of the territory of southern Ontario, which will operate from Sunday 5 August.

According to available information, in some parts of the region the temperature will be 40° C.

According to the forecast, humid air mass will move South of Ontario and will remain there until until Tuesday, August 7, will be replaced by a cold front.

As reported, on Sunday and Monday, August 5 and 6, in the daytime the temperature will reach a maximum of 31° C or higher.

At night it will drop to 20° C that will give people a small opportunity to rest from the heat.

High temperatures mean big health risk for young children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with chronic diseases and those who work outdoors.

The weather service warns that high temperatures and humid conditions increases the possibility of getting a heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Warnings about the heat produced, when in the afternoon the air warms up to 31° C or higher for at least two days in a row, and at night the temperature remains around 20° C or higher.

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