Suppliers of beer dissuaded from suicide man on the bridge, offering him a drink

Поставщики пива отговорили от суицида мужчину на мосту, предложив ему выпить

Suppliers of beer dissuaded from suicide man on the bridge, offering him a drink

Author: Alina Dykman

Minnesota Chicago

Do not consider for advertising of alcohol, but this really happened recently in Minnesota.

The story of the salvation of men, intending to commit suicide, said the police of the city of Saint Paul (Minnesota).

According to them, last Wednesday morning, two suppliers of beer, Jason gable and Quam Anderson was driving the truck when he noticed a man on the bridge, which already jumped the fence.

“Hey, what are you doing? If you’re going to jump, don’t need,” Anderson said.

The man on the bridge said something like: “What is your business, you don’t know me, and you don’t care”what Anderson said, “If I didn’t care I wouldn’t be stopped”.

According to Queima Anderson, he thought about the tactics of negotiation in the film “is not caught — Not a thief” and suggested the man just chat over a beer. He also asked that his name and where he was from.

As it turned out, suicide tried to commit native of Chicago.

“He said Chicago is a cruel city, recalls Anderson. — And I replied that I grew up in the suburbs of St. Paul and know what he is.”

After that, Gabel and Anderson got out of the truck a case of beer, once again offered his Chicago… and he jumped the fence of the bridge back on the sidewalk.

Soon the police arrived, which brought the man to the hospital. Rescuers believe that sometimes in this situation, just need a person who will not behave indifferent.

We will remind, in April of this year in Detroit 13 trucks lined up under the bridge to prevent suicide jump.

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