Suprun explained why you need to run

Супрун объяснила, зачем нужно бегать

Regular Jogging prolong life for three years,acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun reported that regular Jogging are very good for health. About Suprun wrote on his page on the social network Facebook, reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine

She stressed that regular Jogging increases the life expectancy, as well as provide cardio, which has a favorable effect on the heart.

“The good news for runners! Researchers analyzed the lifestyle of more than 55,000 people for 15 years and established regular Jogging prolong life for 3 years. All thanks to the fact that running provides cardio, which is so necessary for heart health,” wrote the acting Minister.

She noted that in order to improve their health status, do not have to run in the marathon. Enough to be a morning or evening jog.

“Not necessarily to run long kilometers. The minimum helpful dose of physical activity will surprise you. Run for 5-10 minutes daily at a comfortable pace and this is going to work! However, if you can – run more. On the run there are various studies, but in almost every figures are impressive: for people who regularly run the risk of death from heart attacks and strokes has decreased on 45% and premature mortality by 30%,” – said Suprun.

She reminded that physical activity is the best prevention of all diseases, and excess weight gain.

“Physical activity is medicine for many diseases and prevention of overweight. At the same time, the lower the activity level, the higher the risk of mortality for any reason. It a sedentary lifestyle is responsible for about 9% of premature deaths among the population all over the world. He ranked fourth after tobacco Smoking, diabetes and high blood pressure. So try to spend your whole life in motion. Any minimum, however, regular physical activity is beneficial to health. If you have no time to run, actively try to spend every free moment”, – said the acting Minister of health.

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