Suprun told the Ukrainians about the “grandmother’s products”, which easily compete with the yogurt

Супрун рассказала украинцам о «бабушкином продукте», который легко составит конкуренцию йогуртам

Acting Minister of health Suprun decided to share with the Ukrainians their knowledge about the benefits of fermented foods. Their knowledge it is traditionally laid out on the page in a social network.

According to her, the basis of their beneficial effects — beneficial bacteria.

“The usual salad of pickled cabbage can be good competition to the best yogurt. And not only”, — said Suprun.

The fermentation technology (fermentation), the official noted, common in Europe and Asia. It allows to increase the shelf life of food to retain their nutritional value and makes them even more useful.

Among other useful properties Suprun highlighted the following:

  • the presence of probiotics — live microorganisms beneficial to the intestines;
  • changing properties of food — the appearance of new compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antidepressantlike properties;
  • the increase in the content of nutrients in foods.

Also acting head of the Ministry noted that pickled cabbage — a storehouse of vitamin C, pectin, calcium and sulforaphane. Pickled beets or beet kvass — a source of good for liver and muscles substances betaine, folic acid, and nitrates. Soy products as meat is a source of vitamins E, K, folic acid, more affordable, than conventional soy protein and polyphenols. Also the consumption of fermented vegetables, vegetarians can obtain vitamin B12, which is absent in foods of plant origin.

“Remember, during the cold period of the year, we may not be getting enough vegetables in their diet, so do not forget fermented vegetables. And just in case keep a small Bank of grandma’s sauerkraut in the fridge” — summed up its recommendations Suprun.

As previously reported “FACTS,” Suprun said the best way to protect against flu and colds. In addition, she advised Ukrainians, especially high blood pressure, do not sit with crossed legs as this increases the pressure and leads to other complications.

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