Suprun warned Ukrainians from sitting in the posture “foot to foot”

Супрун предостерегла украинцев от сидения в позе «нога на ногу»

The acting head of the Ministry of health Suprun advised Ukrainians, especially high blood pressure, do not sit with crossed legs as this increases the pressure and leads to other complications. She wrote about this on his page in Facebook.

The official talks about the existence of several studies that indicate that crossing the legs while sitting has a particular effect on health.

In particular, this applies to cases when a person measure the pressure.

“Crossed above the knee of the foot may contribute to a temporary and minor increase in pressure and the result after the measurement will not be indicative of a medical evaluation of health status. When you return the legs in the free position, the pressure returns to its previous state” — sure Suprun.

Acting Minister of health says that for people with normal pressure sitting with crossed legs will have serious consequences, but if pressure problems exist, it is best to avoid prolonged sitting in this position.

At the same time Suprun considers a myth a statement that the seat “foot to foot” can lead to varicose veins.

“Specifically, when talking about this disease, it is necessary to consider prolonged sitting or standing in one position in General, not just with his legs crossed. In this case, it really increases the risk of disease”, says Suprun.

At the same time the chief physician of the country claims that prolonged sitting with crossed legs can also negatively affect posture.

“In one of the studies found that sitting in this position for more than 3 hours a day can cause excessive body bending forward and rounding the shoulders.

This position causes muscles to compensate for the shortcomings of posture, causing you may experience discomfort, tension and pain in your back or joints,”says post.

Summarizing all the above, the acting head of the Ministry of health concludes that if you cross your legs from time to time, harm to the body will not. But man it will feel, if will be in this position to sit often and long, to lead a sedentary lifestyle and is going to continue at the same pace.

Prolonged sitting is a bad habit, no matter in what position to sit. Stay active, and if a long time sitting — get up every half hour for at least 5 minutes” — recommends Suprun and leads in his post a few links to useful exercises.

As previously reported “FACTS,” Suprun said the best way to protect against flu and colds.

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