Survey of Russian in the United States: what the attorney Mueller has already concluded

Enquête russe aux Etats-Unis: ce que le procureur Mueller a déjà conclu

The special prosecutor Robert Mueller has conducted its investigation on a possible collusion between Moscow and the campaign team of Donald Trump without saying a word. But the thousands of pages that it has delivered to the procedure speaks for itself.

Pending the publication of the report was handed over on Friday to the ministry of Justice, here’s what we know thanks to these documents, of which parts remain, however, confidential:

– The “plot” in Russian –

In two acts, charges separate, the attorney Mueller has described a “conspiracy” orchestrated by the Russian government of Vladimir Putin to “discredit” the candidate, democrat Hillary Clinton and “support” the republican Donald Trump for the presidential election of 2016.

The first, dated 16 February 2018, for thirteen Russians are indicted for having led a campaign of misinformation on the social media since the Agency research on the internet (internet research Agency based in Saint-Petersburg and is controlled by Yevgeny Prighozine, a close relative of Putin.

This agency “had the strategic aim to sow discord in the u.s. political system,” writes Robert Mueller, explaining how she had created false accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram to intervene in the debate.

In July 2018, it is the turn of the twelve intelligence officers of the Russian army (GRU) to be charged for the theft of thousands of emails from responsible democrats. The publication of its emails by Wikileaks in the summer of 2016 had muddied the message of Hillary Clinton.

– Contacts Russian team Trump –

The attorney prepared the will, through the procedure, the table of repeated contacts between a dozen relatives of the billionaire republican and Russian.

The former lawyer for Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, has admitted during his interrogation be conducted from 2015 to June 2016 of the discussions on a draft of the Trump Tower in Moscow.

Diplomatic advisor of the candidate, George Papadopoulos has admitted that he exchanged with the Russians in order to arrange a meeting – which never took place – between Putin and Trump. It was also seen to provide information incriminating on Hillary Clinton.

A lawyer of the Russian federation had attracted the interest of the family Trump with the same promise. The eldest son of the candidate, Donald Trump Junior, son-in-law Jared Kushner and his campaign manager Paul Manafort have encountered in June 2016 at the Trump Tower to discuss.

In parallel, Paul Manafort continued to be exchanged with one of his former partners, a Russian suspected by the United States to be linked to the intelligence services of his country. He has submitted an opinion survey.

Between the election and the inauguration of Donald Trump, his national security adviser Michael Flynn has had condential exchanges with the Russian ambassador to Washington.

– The lies in repetition –

Michael Cohen, George Papadopoulos, and Michael Flynn have all admitted to having lied about their contacts with Russians.

Have they done at the request of Mr. Trump? That he attempted to obstruct justice? Robert Mueller has yet written anything that would answer these questions.

But the tenant of the White House has itself fueled the suspicions of obstruction in may 2017, by dismissing the head of the FBI James Comey then in charge of the investigation on the interference of Russian.

– The revelations “off-topic” –

The attorney Mueller has the right to prosecute any wrongdoing débusquées in the course of its investigation, even disconnected from his “about” original.

In this framework, it was established that Michael Cohen had, during the campaign, bought the silence of two women who claim to have had an affair with Donald Trump.

It has also uncovered many frauds committed by this former right arm of Mr. Trump, but also by Paul Manafort and his former partner Rick Gates, which have concealed millions of dollars in tax.