Suspiria : the director of the remake of Halloween is back on his version of the cursed






Among the main representatives of the independent scene american, David Gordon Green returns to his remake failed Suspiria.

But the masterpiece, the Argento is far from being the only work matrix to have scored the director. In fact, well before you pack the extremely expected new Halloween, with the return of Jamie Lee Curtis, the director of Delirium express and Prince of Texas was a young film buff, marked in iron red to the genre cinema of the seventies.

“Suspiria and Halloween are really the two films that have struck me during my youth. At an age where I was so affected by what I discovered, they really have accompanied my youth experiences, so that everything had a meaning so strong, up to twenty, up in film school.


Suspiria, or how to soil the sheets, like it should


Creatively, Suspiria was huge, and Luca Guadagnino, who’s just staging a replay of the footage… I was hired several years ago ; to write a remake, that I had to make and it was very exciting. In fact, I had written with my sound engineer, Chris Hubert. “

And David Gordon Green is proving to be an ally to Danny McBride to give away (under his patronage) in the film of John Carpenter, it is none the less still a good bit of Suspiria.

“But it was very expensive, and has never seen the light of day. But Luca has been awarded the project on track and has made quite a reputation as a director. I wrote to him the other day and I asked him when I would have the opportunity to see it, because I really need to have a preview. “

Green worked on the project from 2008 to 2013. Natalie Portman was originally attached to the lead role, before being replaced some years later by Isabelle Fuhrman, the hero of the film Esther. Isabelle Huppert was also announced. Should we suddenly expect (or hope) that the remake of Guadagnino still retains his trademark ? The Verdict on 7 November 2018 !


The poster of the remake

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