Svetlana Loboda left a mysterious message on the Network

Светлана Лобода оставила загадочное «послание» в Сети

Loboda has puzzled fans of the Ukrainian text and a strange growl.Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, which was active in Russia, left his fans a mysterious message, reports the with reference to Politico.

New photos the singer posted in Instagram, leaving beneath it a quote by the famous Russian poetess Vera Polozkova.

“Don’t give me along this curve, and the longing and lust,” she wrote under the photo.

But this star has not ceased to amaze their fans.

She also posted a video on how practicing in the dressing room. The footage shows how Loboda collapsed in a chair in front of the mirror and started to warm up. In the background you can hear a soft melody in the beat which echoes the artist. Raspadas, Svetlana holds hands a leather jacket that draped over her shoulders, and looks in the mirror.

But in stories Loboda publishes no less interesting footage. She shares photos of his older daughter, while the little Tilda she is not showing to the public.

But the most surprising one of the photos, apparently taken in a Ukrainian train. The picture shows the “classic” Cup holder with tea (the cheapest) and sugar packets, signed in Ukrainian.

Note that any revelation Loboda in Instagram always collect the mixed reaction of the audience.

Fans of the singer are praising her, but there are those who puts the star criticism.

“Smart, beautiful”, “Raspechatka”, “Great rumbling”, “Who is this tigress will be able to cope? The roar of her prey”, “a nightmare”, “Nothing beautiful. On down like. Moronic always open mouth”, – argue in the comments fans.Светлана Лобода оставила загадочное «послание» в Сети

Светлана Лобода оставила загадочное «послание» в Сети

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