Svetlana Loboda showed the fans a nice video from six-month-old daughter Tilda

Svetlana Loboda

The other day younger daughter, 36-year-old Svetlana Loboda Tilda turned six months. In honor of this event the singer to the delight of fans published in Instagram-stories funny video with the baby and eldest daughter, seven-year-old Eva from her ex-husband Andrew King. Svetlana did not show the girl’s face, in the video you can see only her little feet in funny socks.

Recall that the name of the man from whom the singer gave birth to her youngest daughter, celebrities are still hiding. A month after Tilda was born, Svetlana said that ever misleading the fans, who is the father of the child, but not in the near future. In honor of his birthday, the actress has published in his microblog a family photo with a mysterious man. It is noteworthy that on the ring finger of the chosen one, the singer’s shiny engagement ring. In the post Loboda thanked beloved for the happiness she feels with him. Many people believe that the girl’s father is till Lindemann, in the opinion of the followers of Svetlana, the girl is not for nothing called a Tilde. However, most Loboda there is another explanation:

I’ve always liked that name, and I love the actress Tilda Swinton. In addition, there are a couple of facts, which influenced my choice.

Svetlana Loboda and till Lindemann

However, recent events speak in favor of the fans. Recently, Loboda had surgery, and took away a star from a Moscow hospital by none other than the soloist of the German band Rammstein. According to rumors, he had to interrupt the shooting and come to the capital in economy class.

The singer also tells about the life of the baby:

The tilde is simply a miracle. She has big blue eyes and a Mohawk. We have the whole family laughing and waiting to start a normal hair growth. I can already see that with eve, they are very different. The eldest is very emotional, open, loves to chat. A little quiet, observant, keeps to himself. Charming but wildly.

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