Sweat pants, Cycling shorts, running shoes: Princess Diana, Kate Middleton and other members of the Royal family, sport

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

It seems that the everyday life of the representatives of the Royal dynasties entirely consist of the formal business in a friendly state. Queen and Princess are brought before us in elegant dresses and gracefully waving a pen — it is seemingly simple, if these techniques doesn’t happen for several day! Nevertheless, even the aristocrats find time to exercise and sometimes fall into the frame not in evening dresses, and regular sweat pants. We offer you to look at the main friends of an active lifestyle among the aristocracy and be inspired by their example. No more “I’m tired after eight hours in the office!”

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, which is now increasingly shines on luxury receptions at Buckingham Palace, called one of the sports representatives of the Royal family. Her physical training she had spent a lot of time and before the wedding with Prince William, for example, Kate was actively engaged in rowing. By the way, their first public appearance as a couple the exact same took place with a very “sporting” circumstances — the couple went to a ski resort in Switzerland in April 2004.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Being a Duchess, Kate was happy to attend competitions in yachting at the Olympic games in London, played field hockey and participated in the race. But at the London marathon in Middleton appeared only as spectators — to run the distance Kate is not allowed by the rules of Royal Protocol. During visits to various competitions in sports or school the Duchess usually leaves in the closet their favorite dresses from Emilia Wickstead, Alexander McQueen and prefers to wear sports stuff: comfortable jackets, ultra light jackets, loose sports trousers or leggings and sneakers for example, Nike. However, the lack of sports uniforms not holding back Kate recently, she played tennis in high heels.

Kate Middleton

Princess Diana

Say, Kim Kardashian has introduced the trend in Cycling shorts? Princess of Wales was beautiful in them before it became mainstream! Diana called the Queen of hearts, knew how to dress in casual style and often appeared in public in the clothes he wore and thousands of ordinary subjects of the British monarchy: jeans, white shirts, and switchto.

Favorite sport Diana was a tennis — court he happily spent as a teenager. The Princess usually went also to their favorite velosipedah or more dressy tennis suit, knitted cardigan and pleated mini skirt.

Princess Diana

Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex known supporter of a healthy lifestyle and a big fan of yoga. It is this kind of sport helps to Markle stay in shape and its habits it does not leave even during pregnancy. As he wrote to the British press, the Duchess continues to practice yoga because it helps her cope with insomnia.

Meghan Markle

To a healthy lifestyle Megan declines and Prince Harry, the Duchess agitate their spouse to take a jog around the Palace.

However, other sports cause Megan’s enthusiasm: during a visit to Australia, she enjoyed watching the training of surfers, and even as the actress took part in competitions in Rugby. However, becoming a Duchess, competitions Markle prefers to attend in more formal attire (in contrast to Kate Middleton, which is freely poyavlyalas in public in athletic shape). However, even dressed in a jacket and pants the Duchess of Sussex, for example, deftly played with the students of Loughborough University in the ball.

Meghan Markle

Princess Of Monaco Charlene

40-year-old Charlene (born Charlene Lynette Wittstock) was dedicated to the sport of life! Because before marriage she was a professional swimmer and competed for the national team of South Africa and even participated in the Olympic games in Sydney, where he took fifth place in the relay. In the Bank Charlene and the title of champion of Africa in swimming. Despite the fact that a career had to be interrupted due to injury and new medals beauty is not seen (however, the title of Princess would be a good cups), swimming Charlene continues to do not for records, but for the sake of fun and good deeds. So, the Princess gives master classes for children and teaches them safety on the water.

After moving to Monaco, however, in the life of Charlene appeared two kinds of sports: racing and football. Of course, to master them by the wife of Prince albert II was not necessary, — it is as spectators. The fact that the country regularly is one of the stages of the Grand Prix “Formula 1” and football club “Monaco” often makes its way into the Champions League. At a sporting event sharlen often prefers to wear Polo shirts at the match complements your outfit, fan scarf, and at the Olympics in Sochi Duchess proudly wore the uniform of the national team of Monaco.

Princess Charlene

Charlene at the Olympics in Sydney

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice

Today, the daughters of Prince Andrew fall mainly in Chronicles the most ridiculous outfits and not in the sports section. Meanwhile, Princess Beatrice became the first representative of the British Royal family who took part in the London marathon. Moreover, the distance of the Princess was very creative. 34 people ran 42 kilometers being bound by belts to a huge “caterpillar”, and Beatrice was one of them. Outfits athletes picked appropriate costumes dominated by a bright green color.

The love of the sport, however, parents have raised her and her sister Eugenia, who in October of this year married since childhood. Preserved in the archives are many photographs of family holidays in the Swiss mountains. Often the slopes Beatrice and Eugenia conquered in the company of Prince Harry and Prince William.

Princess Beatrice at the marathon in LondonPrincess Eugenie, Sarah Ferguson, Princess Eugenie, Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice, Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, Prince William

Countess Of Wessex Sophie

Skiing and tennis are favorite sports of the aristocracy, but the Countess of Wessex has decided to be different. The wife of Prince Edward, and loves the bike! While Sophie does not simply relaxed walks on two-wheeled transport around the estate, and involved in a very serious runs! So, in 2016, the Countess came on the bike more than 700 miles from Edinburgh to Buckingham Palace in the Diamond part of the Challenge established by the husband of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh Philip for charitable purposes.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Queen Of Spain Letitia

If the residents of Northern latitudes on winter vacation often travel to tropical Islands, here’s the Spanish monarchs under the hot sun of the Pyrenees, seem to yearn for fluffy snow! Perhaps that is why ski loves the whole family. In other cases, Queen Letizia prefers to watch the competition from the spectator stands and to catch wife of king Philip VI in sweat pants and a t-shirt in normal life almost impossible. However, to support your favorite team, Laetitia sometimes change their elegant costumes in a fan shape.

Queen Letizia with her daughter Leonor

King Philip VI and Queen Letizia

Crown Princess Mary Of Denmark

The fate of crown Princess Mary of Denmark the sport played an important role — it was he who brought a simple Australian girl and crown Prince Frederik. The encounter took place in Sydney during the Olympic games in 2000. The common interest of the lovers were found immediately: Frederick was part of the Denmark national team in sailing, and Mary at school actively was engaged in swimming, hockey and horse riding.

Today kronprinsesse continues to exercise and instilling healthy habits to their children. In may of this year, all together took part in the race, timed to the 50th anniversary of the head of the family crown Prince Frederik.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark with children

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (centre), crown Princess Mary of Denmark with his daughter Princess Josefina

And who of aristocratic athletes the most attractive to you?

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