Swiss scientists have figured out how people can live on Mars

Швейцарские ученые придумали, как люди смогут жить на Марсе

Fuel the astronauts will be able to produce hydrogen and methanol.

Scientists from the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne (Switzerland) presented the plan for the colonization of Mars with the placement of residential units and a screen for protection against radiation, according to the with reference for Today.

The authors believe that the best place to set up colonies – pole, because they are large reserves of ice, carbon dioxide, iron, silicon and sulfur.

Fuel the astronauts will be able to produce hydrogen and methanol, and food and water – using plants, which they bring back from Earth.

The construction of the residential units will be engaged in work – they will drive the Central core of the settlement with residential compartments, three capsules, which will serve as transitional and will minimize the difference in pressure on the planet’s surface and inside the core.

Also the machine will build a dome out of plastic threads and ice, which will protect astronauts from radiation. Then the planet would be the first people – a crew of six people will bring food and batteries, which will descend to the surface using the “heavenly cranes”, and will stay on Mars for six months.

The best time to send an expedition to Mars – Arctic summer, the researchers said. If a person to land on the planet in this period, you will be able to spend under the sun in 288 days.And after they live on the basis of about nine months, the crew would return home.

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