Syrian immigrant rescued from the roof of a small child. And it’s not the first time (PHOTO)

Сирийский эмигрант спас с крыши маленького ребенка. И это не первый раз (ФОТО)

18-year-old Khalid Tabatab was returning home with his father last week when they saw a shocking scene: a small child, which was not nothing but a diaper, standing on the roof. One.

Khalid, without hesitation, jumped out of the car and rushed to the door of the house. Nobody answered him, so he broke the window and climbed up there to find the way to the roof.

Part of this incident was on video and then became “viral” on Facebook of her to date was viewed over 179,000 times. The video shows part of the roof of a house in the Central part of Hamilton standing on her baby and gathered around people.

“Everyone is talking about it. People on social networks calling him a hero,” said proud sister of Khalid Farah. She helped translate my father and brother when they tried to explain to the police what happened.

Himself Khalid, speaking bad English, they said only that he is no hero and is just happy that the baby survived.

Khalid said it was running blindly, not really knowing how to get on the roof, and suddenly came across a screaming woman and child who pointed to the staircase leading to the neighbor’s house.

The guy is very worried, because in his head he immediately had the image of a boy who fell in July from the balcony in Corktown and died. Khalid didn’t want a repeat of that.

He grabbed the ladder, moved it to the top of the house, climbed up, he saw the sleeping woman in the room. Police later confirmed that the boy woke up from his NAP and climbed out of the window. Khalid grabbed the child from him and quickly slipped out the window, he gave the son of his mother, who embraced him and burst into tears.

Sister Farah Khalid said that no one understood, like a child jumped out of the window. The mother thanked the Savior, and the police are not planning to have any criminal cases over the incident.

Father Khalid said that this is not the first time Khalid had saved a small child. When the boy was 12 years old, they still lived in in the war of Syria, during a firefight one house was fired, and a young child was hit by a bullet in the leg. Khalid stopped the bleeding and brought the boy home, where he was taken to the hospital.

Family Tabatab moved from Syria to Hamilton 5 years ago. Khalid is one of 2 sons and 4 daughters.

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