Talking about an unusual photo shoot Megan Markle in Malta

Meghan Markle

A little over a year ago Meghan Markle still had active user of social networks, sharing with fans photos from the photo shoots and Amateur snapshots. Becoming the Duchess of Sussex, she was forced to abandon it. However, the network occasionally appear footage from a past life celebrities that could be added to her page in Instagram, if she was her now.

So, the press thought of a photo shoot Megan, made during a trip to Malta. In March 2015 she went there to learn more about their roots – her great-great-grandmother Mary was born there in 1862. Actress (two years ago Markle appeared in “Force majeure”) spoke with local residents and learned about their culture and took part in the shooting of Elle UK.

Meghan Markle in Malta

The trip was my attempt to learn where I come from… I felt like a welcome guest – it is something special and the most beautiful. The Maltese were very good to me… My suitcase will be full of all sorts of Maltese treats, she said in an interview.

Actress trip to Malta took place a year before Dating Prince Harry. The country is a member of the British Commonwealth, so it is possible that Megan will visit her again, but already in a new status. And while we offer to evaluate the images from the last trip.

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