TANA group presented the song “ZEMLYA” (Video)

Группа TANA представила песню "ZEMLYA" (Видео)

An international project with Ukrainian roots TANA presented a new song “ZEMLYA”, the creation of which was attended by about ten people.

The official pages of the musical group TANA has a new track that is already appreciated by many listeners. The single “ZEMLYA” was created over several months and has gone through many changes.

About ten people took part in the creation of the song. The lyrics were written by front-woman of the group along with famous sound producer Yuri, trohimenko and Daria Sumy.

“ZEMLYA” is a story about people and their relationships. The main line of the song – “it does Not matter hto ti I I … adzhe TSE is our land”, – said the soloist of the band.

In addition, the singer noted that the new composition dedicated to his team.

“Song “ZEMLYA” – great work for me. In him I put my life and experiences. But not only their own, and members of the team. Most clearly expressed preferences of our drummer. He is African American and he inspired me to create such music. The song is also dedicated to my creative father Yuri, trokhimenko, which is not in December 2017. It was he who first believed in my potential,” – said the official web site TANA.

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