Tao, age 8, dies after being mowed down with his mom a Mercedes

Tao, 8 ans, meurt après avoir été fauché avec sa maman par une Mercedes

The drama occurred on Monday evening at Cuesmes, Belgium.

Around 20: 00, Tao, 8 years old, came out of her lesson of swimming with his mother to join his little sister of 5 years, guarded by his grandfather.

As they walked both of them on the sidewalk, and a Mercedes has arisen at a brisk pace, and has struck them both.

The little boy died at the hospital and his mother survived but was seriously wounded in the legs.

As for the driver of the sedan did not stop but was arrested by the police a little further.

According to witnesses, the young man of 19 years was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. But the prosecutor’s office of the Mons noted that the analyses revealed that this was not the case.

However, the prosecution pointed out that the mobile phone of the driver was under his thigh. The car and the phone have been seized and will be tested.

On Monday evening, the driver was deprived of his liberty and heard by the police. After the hearing, he was acquitted. He had to get his driving permit a few months ago.