TAYANNА admitted who influence her nomination for the “Eurovision”

TAYANNА призналась, от кого зависит ее выдвижение на "Евровидение"

The singer gave a short interview Katya Osadchaya.

Soon will start nacionalni selection for “Eurovision”, but according to the singer if she would attack him again you need to ask Andrei Danilko, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to TSN.

“I think you have to ask it from Danilka,” said star.

Singer Tayanna has come to a social event in a rather revealing outfit, her pants were slit. And in the network appeared the photo of Tatiana in a wedding dress. Is she married? The most interesting confession in the interview!

It is worth noting that not so long ago in the Network appeared the photo of the singer in wedding dresses, and then began to gossip that she is preparing for her wedding and that she has a fiancé. However, according to the singer, thus it is that only predicts own wedding.

“I prophesy. So sometimes we go first look of the apartment house in order to meditate on them and to see in the future. I’m also trying on wedding dresses to prophesy to own wedding,” said the artist.

TAYANNА призналась, от кого зависит ее выдвижение на "Евровидение"

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