Teen brutally beat his sister and left to die on the street

Подросток зверски избил сестру и оставил умирать на улице

Near Kiev 17-year-old man beat a 12-year-old sister to death. And in order to divert suspicion from himself, the teenager pulled half-naked sister on the street and hid in an outdoor toilet. A terrible incident occurred in the village of Makarov, the press service of the national police of Kiev region, reports “Bagnet”.

The girl’s mother reported her missing daughter to the police. Police found prostrate girl in lingerie on the economic territory of the trailer in the village of Kalinovka. It turned out that 17-year-old brother of the victim took the girl to his home (in the trailer), under the pretext that he should take the money and buy vodka.

There’s a guy lashed out at his sister, began struggling to beat hands and head with a frying pan until she lost consciousness. He then, to divert suspicion from himself, pulled the half-naked sister on the street and hid in an outdoor toilet. And he returned to the trailer to remove the bloody evidence of a crime.

12-year-old victim was hospitalized in serious condition. Doctors diagnosed her with a head injury, bruises of the limbs, trunk, multiple stab wounds, bruises on the face, abrasions on the neck and General hypothermia.

The suspect was arrested at the scene. The police establishes all circumstances of a crime and causes of violent juvenile behavior. Upon attempt at a premeditated murder of the minor girl opened criminal proceedings. The issue of the announcement of suspicion to the attacker. Measure on the pre-trial investigation, he will elect the court.