Teigen Chrissy and John legend have become parents for the second time

Teigen Chrissy and John legend

Congratulations to 32-year-old Chrissy Teigen and 39-year-old John legend with the birth of a son!

Someone is already here

— told his Twitter followers model.

Mother and newborn baby are doing well, and the whole family accepts congratulations from family, friends and fans. Over the past nine months, Chrissy and her husband shared the news of his personal life in social networks: published videos and photos, not trying to hide the growing belly Teigen. She happily announced in Snapchat in November last year, will become a mother for the second time.

Teigen Chrissy and John legend

Very happy that I won’t have to hide it, she commented your photo, showing a rounded belly.

And in the beginning of 2018 fans of the couple found out that celebrity has a son.

John legend and Chrissy Teigen with daughter Moon

John and Chrissy live in a marriage for almost five years, and before marriage their relationship lasted for seven. Acquaintance of the future spouses took place on the set of legend clip for the song Stereo in 2007. 14 April 2016 they have a daughter Luna Simone Stevens conceived using IVF.

Having a baby is incredibly closer to you and your wife. Have strong feelings when I see the fruit of their love. It’s a different love, pure and unconditional, — Jon said in an interview.

The moon

The birth of the second child will be a new stage in the life of the whole family and promises to change. A month before birth, Teigen stated that she will now have a different approach to the selection of clothing.

The moon used to be the center of the family, and now she will have to share the attention of adults with his brother — says about the upcoming changes Krissy.

Chrissy Teigen with daughter Moon

John legend with the Moon

Chrissy Teigen

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