Tens of thousands of California residents evacuated due to raging forest fires

Десятки тысяч жителей Калифорнии эвакуированы  из-за бушующих лесных пожаров

About 50,000 people were ordered to leave their homes North of Los Angeles on Thursday as a wildfire, rapidly disseminated by strong winds, got out of control.

Fire called Tick Fire near the Santa CLARITA area, about 65 miles North of Los Angeles broke out two days earlier and quickly seized 2023 hectares of the area, said representatives of the fire service of California. The fire burned several houses and buildings, closed a major highway and several roads. The fire involved 500 rescuers with the involvement of machinery. “We urge all to evacuate at this time”, – said the representative of fire protection.

Another fire in the County of San Bernardino, about 70 miles East of Los Angeles, also resulted in mass evacuations.