Terminator 6 : first image of Arnold Schwarzenegger… mode sports coach






Since we live in a strange time for me currently, where everything is repeated, and where the continuity does not mean much anymore, as much put your brain on off in these conditions to really take advantage of what is happening.

Not because it’s good, we will still be entitled to the return of several franchises that have decided to do the cleaning. Halloween already, which is actually the sequel to the first film of John Carpenter and drains not less than 7 films. The Predator, which we do not know exactly where it will be located in the chronology of the saga and if he will take into account the Predators of Nimrod Antal. And of course, Terminator 6 Tim Miller, produced by James Cameron, who should take the result of Terminator 2, the last judgment, and release of the same shot three films in a row.


James Cameron, sure


If this is not necessarily a bad news from a qualitative point of view, it is still a little weird since one has the impression that everything one has lived for more than 20 years of age with these franchises has not been for nothing and that we are torn between the feeling of having lost our time and the time to be taken for big pigeons. But hey, it is like that, so it must be done. Where the council put your brain on off.

All that to say that Terminator 6 is currently filming and the guy starts to let go some pictures of felt to raise the pressure. After the photo girl power of Linda Hamilton, Natalia Reyes and Mackenzie Davis in full cosplay of Christine and the Queens, it is the turn of the guys to reveal. But no matter how.


Side girls


Arnold Schwarzenegger has just published on his Twitter account a picture with the representative in the company of Gabriel Luna in the full gym. An image that takes on its full meaning when one knows that the two actors playing Terminators and that we discover the little caption that goes : “learning Machine.”

In addition to the small set of words that will make laugh all the geeks, this allows us above all to learn that Arnold is in the process of personally take in hand the training of its partner so that it becomes a true killer robot of Sarah Connor. So yes, it would be completely useless, but, what do you want, it is summer, must be well look after.

The film will be released on November 20, 2019.


Side boys

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