Tesla goes with the cars on the tequila

Tesla переходит с автомобилей на текилу

Musk showed how will look the product. Manufacturer of electric Tesla has applied for registration of the brand of tequila Teslaquila. About this report the data of the patent and trademark office, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to www.ukrnews24.net.

Tesla filed an application to the office on Monday, October 8.

It says that the company “intends to use” is the name Teslaquila for his brand tequila. It is noted that it is unknown whether the product hits the market. Tesla representatives are unable to promptly comment on this information.

1 APR CEO Elon Musk as a joke tweeted about the bankruptcy of Tesla.

“Ilona found without creating a near Tesla Model 3, surrounded by bottles of “Teslaquilla”, traces of dried tears still visible on his cheeks,” wrote then Musk.

Earlier, on October 12, he posted a photo of the future label of the brand.

In early September, after the departure of two top managers of Tesla’s shares fell by 10%. This decline was the sharpest for the company from June 2016. The company’s position also deteriorated because of the recent behavior of the Mask, including Smoking marijuana, demonstrations of the sword and insults the British diver tweeted. In addition, his statement on the intention to make Tesla a private company has led to accusations by the securities Commission in the United States and then care Mask from his post as head of the Board of Directors of Tesla.

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