Tesla will present the “key to full autonomy”

Tesla представит «ключ для полной автономии»

Your CPU for autopilot and automotive AI at Tesla will appear after four to six months, promises Elon Musk.The new complex called Hardware 3 can be used on all cars manufactured after October 2016. And some will get it for free, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to Internetua

Last week, the head of Tesla Elon Musk told investors on a “semi-secret” plan production of chips for the Autonomous driving mode. Now appeared more details about the complex called Hardware 3, which should become a “key for full autonomy Tesla”.

The upgrade should be to replace the chip Nvidia Drive, which is used in all Tesla vehicles manufactured after October 2016. According to the company, approximately 196 000 of 360 000 cars delivered to owners. Those who paid $3000 for pre-order features of the full autopilot, get 3 free Hardware.

The processor is designed to run machine learning at the level of “bare iron” unlike graphics chip Nvidia Drive PX 2. While PX 2 can process 20 frames per second, the chip Tesla will provide 2000 fully redundant and overcoming failure, promised Musk.

Manages a team of developers Pete Bannon, a former Apple employee, on account of which the world’s first 64-bit processor for a smartphone, reported Inverse. According to him, the new chip will support the existing network of machine learning and will provide a reserve for development.

However, issues associated with the release of this CPU is still a lot. Tesla requires that those wishing to use the full range of opportunities has gained the “advanced autopilot” at a price of $5000 at the time of purchase of the car or $6000. Now the company charges $3000 for full autonomy, but Musk hinted that after the update the price will rise. When these changes will happen, and how they will be associated with the release of the new processor is not yet clear.

Another issue was the software for the new chip. In 2016, Musk promised that in 2017 Tesla will be able to drive from the Western to the Eastern coast of the US on autopilot. As in the case with a number of other promises, he had to admit that the timing is broken. Now the developers are aiming to release the ninth version of Autopilot by September, so that the software for the Hardware 3 hardly makes sense to wait before.

After the introduction of the new system, Tesla drivers will be able to take your hands off the wheel, but to talk to my car. Management will be fully under voice control, and artificial intelligence will make machines fully-fledged interlocutor.

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