Test Rubik’s cube does not show the superiority of robots

Тест на кубик Рубика не показывает превосходство роботов

If someone can assemble a Rubik’s cube, then it is safe to assume that he is clever and copes well with puzzles. But this may not be a test of superiority of intelligence in robots.

OpenAI, a research company in San Francisco founded by the Elon Musk and Sam Altman, on Tuesday caused a sensation, presenting a robotic system that learned to solve the Rubik’s cube using humanoid hands.

The robot, named Dactyl, in sleight of hand close to the level of man. At least he’s quick with a Rubik’s cube, but that does not make him equal to man. In fact, it may take a long time before robots will be capable of the same manipulation that we humans take for granted.

Test cube, the method in which the program of artificial intelligence “learning” on the basis of repeated experiments. However developers calm, even with the victory of the robot over people to collect this puzzle cannot be said about his superiority.