Thanks to a 12-year-old girl in her town to host LGBT parade

Благодаря 12-летней девочке в ее городке пройдет ЛГБТ-парад

Thanks to a 12-year-old girl in her town to host LGBT parade

Author: Alina Dykman

Photo: Facebook/Carolyn Heyman Pinta

Illinois pride parade

12-year-old Molly Pint from Illinois became the main initiator of holding of the gay parade in your town. Pride will be held in June 2019.

In June she visited with her mother at the LGBT parade in Aurora — the second largest city in the state.

“It was one of the most beautiful things I have seen, said 7th grader. — I thought, how great it will be to conduct a similar in my home town — Buffalo grove. Equality and acceptance — it is really inspiring.”

Enlisting the support of parents, the girl started to implement the plan. Together with her mother Caroline , they announced a fundraiser on GoFundMe — have collected nearly $7.4 thousand. They also posted a video to Facebook asking family and friends to contribute to their initiative.

Благодаря 12-летней девочке в ее городке пройдет ЛГБТ-парадSource: Facebook/Carolyn Heyman Pinta

The initiators of the LGBT parade has already been approved by city authorities, now they will be meeting with representatives of the police Department.

“Molly Pinta wants everyone to respect each other. She hopes to educate society consent due to the pride parade. It’s awesome for a 12 year old girl” — said the representative of the city Council of Beverly Sussman.

This is not the first time Molly does something for the LGBT community. Having visited in July 2017 at a same-sex wedding of his uncle, she created the school Gay-Straight Alliance. And the girl’s mother, who teaches in the same school, hung on the door of their class is the rainbow flag.

Meanwhile in new York, the court called the actions of the Uber driver who drove out of the car the lesbian couple.

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