The 10 French departments most exposed to pesticides

Les 10 départements français les plus exposés aux pesticides

Pesticides, glyphosate, and other endocrine disruptors… In France, what are the areas most exposed to toxic substances ? And who are the good students ? Check out the 10 departments where the sales of pesticides are the most important.

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A map of France, showing pesticide sales by department in 2017 has just been made public by Future Generations (a French association approved by the Ministry of Ecology), in partnership with Le Parisien.

It allows to establish a ranking of the departments in which the sales of pesticide active ingredients were the most important. This interactive map specifies how many pounds of pesticides were sold in each department, but “does not reflect the reality of the intensity of the agricultural use of pesticides in the different areas, because the data are not reported to the area devoted to agriculture in every department,” says the French association Future Generations.

At the end of the classification of pesticide sales by departments, it was discovered that the good students : the Alpes-Maritimes, in the Cantal, French Guyana, the Territory of Belfort and the Lozère seem to be the places where the pesticide sales have been the lowest in 2017, with a significant difference (of more than 3 000 000 kg !) with the first of the ranking.

Sales of glyphosate have also been analysed : the Vaucluse, la Réunion, Martinique, the Gironde and the Dawn arrive at the top of the ranking of the departments where the sales of glyphosate are the most important. Thus, these five departments were awarded Glyph’Awards, a way of “”reward” ironically these departments, the more addicted to this herbicide the most sold in the world”.

“Our goal : to encourage the farmers of these departments, you never want to receive this “distinction” and thus to reduce or remove their use of glyphosate”, explains the association Future Generations.

Check out the 10 French departments most exposed to pesticides

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