The 13-year old girl disappeared after the murder of his parents has been found after fleeing her abductor

La jeune fille de 13 ans disparue après le meurtre de ses parents a été retrouvée après avoir fui son ravisseur

The 15th of October last, James Closs, aged 56, and his wife Denise Closs, 46 years old, had been found shot and killed in their home in Barron, Wisconsin (United States).

Their daughter, 13-year-old had it mysteriously disappeared from the family home. The last time she had been seen it was at a birthday the day before.

Jayme Closs has finally been found alive Thursday afternoon at Gordon, Wisconsin, a small town located approximately 65 miles from his home.

The girl was emaciated, had matted hair and wore shoes too large for his feet.

She had fled her abductor and has requested the help of a woman who was walking her dog. The latter immediately recognized the teenager, who was being sought for three months.

The two were then knocked on the door of the nearest house. Kristin Kasinskas, a teacher at a nearby school, has opened.

Pending the arrival of the police, Jayme Closs has drunk, has eaten and has met the new dog of the teacher, Penny. Then she was taken in charge by the emergency services.

A few minutes later, a suspect was arrested and placed in police custody. A press conference will be held this afternoon.