The 2 police officers sentenced to 7 years for the rape of a tourist appeal

Les 2 policiers condamnés à 7 ans pour le viol d'une touriste font appel

Two former police officers of the bank were found guilty Thursday of raping a tourist from canada, committed on April 23, 2014 in the offices of the former headquarters of the PJ at 36 quai des Orfèvres in Paris.

Anthony Quirin, 40 years old, and Nicolas Redouane, 49 years old, have been sentenced to 7 years imprisonment and to pay 20,000 euros in damages and interest to Emily Spanton, the victim.

In a room filled with loved ones and fellow officers were showering in the : “Courage, Antoine ! We love you, Nicolas ! “. As for Emily, she made the sign of the cross to the statement of the verdict.

On April 23, 2014, after a night in the pub across the way, Emily, staggering, entered at 36, with two police officers. Has 2: 20, she came down in tears, without a sticky or glasses, “in a state of shock”, were described by the witnesses.

“They wanted to have sex with me that I didn’t want to “. It will describe three penetrations, two blowjobs imposed by four, and then three men, one of whom has never been identified.

The police have always proclaimed their innocence. According to them, Emily Spanton would have done a blowjob given to Nicolas Redouane, but it would have been “a failure”.

Then, according to them, she went in the office in front, in shorts, naked breasts, which were Antoine Quirin and another colleague. She would have danced, asked to be photographed under the fan which was hanging in a black thong.

A text message, sent the next day by a colleague of the accused, came to tarnish their defense : “as a Result of our drinking night, Antoine, a Kid and Nico have set up a chick at 36 for the stick. Except that she has filed a complaint for rape…”

The outcome of the trial was uncertain due to inaccuracies, contradictions and the past of the victim to the personality fragile.

The lawyers of the police officers are going to appeal the sentence and will make a request to released.