The 5th International Film Festival of Saint-Jean-De-Luz unveils jury and a selection highly expected






If you follow us since a few years, you probably know that around the month of October, we are talking about the International Film Festival of Saint-Jean-De-Luz. And there is no reason why this should be different in 2018.

The FIF of Saint-Jean-De-Luz, this is an event that we are still waiting with impatience. Because far from the madness of the Cannes film Festival for example, this event has managed to retain over the years the human dimension and family, his open-mind and a quality home that can not be found anywhere else and, for that alone we thank him.


The last hammer blow


But it is also and especially the opportunity to discover the first and second films of directors who will in the cinema of tomorrow. Over the years, we have seen several chips like The last hammer blow by Alix Delaporte, The Cowboys of Thomas Bidegain, or even Up to the guard of Xavier Legrand. Suffice to say that it is no longer held in place at the announcement of this year’s competition.

The 5th edition of the FIF of Saint-Jean-De-Luz congress will take place from 1 to 6 October next , and proves that it still gains momentum across a programming provided. In addition to the 10 films in the competition section and the short films, the festival will also air in opening the new film from Louis-Julien Petit, The invisible as well as first national, 100 kilos of stars of Marie-Sophie Chambon. But it is indeed the closing film, which hits us in the eye because it is the new film by Jean-Paul Rouve, Lola and her brothers and sisters, which we had loved the previous, The memories. In the margin of the competition, the festival will broadcast a large number of short films, including those of the Talents Adami Cannes 2018, as well as the short film for the Nikon Film Festival.


To the hilt


Yet, it is beautiful and well by the jury of the Festival is to risk talking to him this year, since the committee has chosen to propose a jury 100% feminine, powerful act in the current period. Thus, under the presidency of the actress Corinne Masiero, we will have the pleasure to find the actress Aure Atika, the actress of theatre Kee-Yoon Kim, director Lidia Terki (Paris white), and producer Marie-Ange Luciani (120 beats per minute), the director and producer Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar (The first star), as well as the actress and director Sonia Rolland.



A strong gesture, therefore, in the image of the taken the position that the festival takes each year and which gives us once again an edition of the highest caliber. In any case, you can count on us to tell you about, we will be there. Strongly soon.


The list of films in competition :

Amare Amaro Julien Paolini

Guard dogs by Sophie Dupuis

The Enkas Sarah Marx

The college of physicians of David Roux

The permission of Soheil Beiraghi

The fauves Vincent Mariette

Sink or swim by Margaux Bonhomme

Mr. to Rohena Gera

Tel Aviv on fire of Sameh Zoabi

A handsome rogue of Lucas Bernard


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