The abolition of the rebate will affect sales of electric vehicles in Ontario (PHOTOS)

Отмена  программы скидок скажется на продажах электромобилей в Онтарио (ФОТО)

Experts expect that the decision of the Prime Minister of Ontario Doug Ford to cancel the provincial rebate program for electric vehicles will have a direct impact on their sales.

David Adams, President of industry Association Global Automakers of Canada, said that the experience of British Columbia, and other countries shows that sales of electric cars fall as soon as the canceling of government subsidies.

In Ontario operated a program under which buyers of electric cars could regain up to $14 000 from the cost of acquisition, however, the new government headed by Doug Ford closed it this week along with a program for trading emissions, which helped to Fund it.

According to data collected by Fleet Carma, last year in Ontario was sold 7 477 electric cars-hybrids or battery powered.

With 2016, when introduced additional discounts, their sales increased by 120%.

The Ontario government also abolished the incentive program for the creation of charging stations for electric vehicles, in which were offered up to $1 000 in compensation with the installation of such stations around the house or office.

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