The actions of the police during the arrest of the driver of the van called the only “bright moment” (PHOTO)

Действия полиции при аресте водителя фургона назвали единственным «светлым моментом»  (ФОТО)

The President of the police Union Toronto Mike McCormack noted that the actions of the arresting officer on Monday, the driver of the van, moved to death ten pedestrians without firing a shot, were “the only bright moment” this terrible day.

McCormack from the Police Association of Toronto said that the time of the arrest, captured on numerous videos that have received wide dissemination in social networks, was for the city a glimmer of hope.

According to available information, the officer in question, was constable Ken Lam of the 32 Department. Many felt his behavior during the arrest, a model of restraint.

On one of the videos shows that the driver of the van, standing beside a damaged vehicle, asked to be killed. The officer refused to shoot and repeatedly demanded that he lay on the ground.

The suspect warned him that he had a gun in my pocket. “Shoot me in the head,” he shouted.

In the end, the suspect still had his hands up and lay on the ground, as he had ordered.

“This would put an end one way or another. If the situation worsened at any time, we could obtain a different result, ‘ said McCormack about the arrest. − He reacted to what he saw as he was taught, and we are very proud of them. He may have prevented more death.”

According to McCormack, the officer in question was among the first to respond when the van drove onto the sidewalk between Finch Avenue and Sheppard Avenue.

The officers pushed pedestrians literally from under the wheels of the vehicle, did CPR and tried to help the victims.

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