The Afghan Taliban announced the first truce since 2001

Афганские талибы огласили первое перемирие с 2001 года

The firing stopped for three days.

In Afghanistan, the militants of the radical Islamist Taliban movement on Saturday, June 9, announced the first 17 years of truce, reports the with reference on the Letters.

The ceasefire will last only three days. He declared on the occasion of the feast of Fitr (Eid al-Fitr), which Muslims have celebrated the end of Ramadan.

This is the first truce between militants and government troops since 2001.

The Taliban agreed to a ceasefire several days later, after government forces unilaterally declared a of silence. The militants will stop on all three days of the offensive.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in his address, noted that the truce does not apply to militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state”. The Taliban in its statement also said that their truce does not apply to “foreign invaders”, that is the military of other countries that is located in Afghanistan.

“Our operations against them will continue, we will attack them wherever we just didn’t see it,” declared the militants.

It should be noted that just hours before the announcement of the armistice 17 Afghan soldiers were killed in the country’s West in an attack the Taliban on a military base.

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