The aggressor in the composition of the airborne forces will be a new division

У страны-агрессора в составе ВДВ появится новая дивизия

The commander of the airborne troops (VDV) Andrey Serdyukov said that by 2025 as part of this type of troops should appear in the fifth division. He told about it in interview to the newspaper “Red star”, reports “Bagnet”

According to Serdyukov, in the future, the airborne troops will be five divisions, not four. He also said that in the battle of the VDV will be four air assault brigade, an artillery brigade, military unit support and educational institution.

“Provides for the establishment in the troops (airborne) brigade with the organizational and staff structure “new type”, which will have qualitatively different opportunities for combat and special tasks due to its mobile component and increase the combat potential,” — said Serdyukov.

Also the head of the airborne troops said that in the current year the share of new military equipment, these troops should reach 67.9 percent. In particular, at the disposal of the airborne troops will be 90 combat vehicles landing BMD-4M and BTR-MDM “Rakushka”.