The airports testing the 3D screening of hand baggage, that will help to lift restrictions on the carriage of liquid

В аэропортах тестирует 3D-скрининг ручной клади, что поможет отменить ограничения на провоз жидкости

British airports are testing the equipment for 3D screening your hand Luggage is checked. If this technology proves successful, in future it will allow to lift restrictions on the carriage of liquids.

The Minister of transport Grant Shapps (Grant Shapps) stated that the new technology will improve safety and can also prevent “the use of plastic bags and the valuation that they people carry with them.”

Under the current limits, passengers should not carry any containers of liquid more than 100 ml, the containers must also be placed in a transparent plastic bag. Also, passengers will be able without additional checks to carry on the equipment – for example, laptops.

3D-screening, among other things, will speed up inspections at customs because people don’t have to get things out of the baggage. Technology in the test mode is already being used in London’s Heathrow airport, and by 1 December 2022 it gradually deployed to other British airports. Other countries will also be able to start using analogs of such screening.