The American told a believable story of an alien encounter

Американец рассказал правдоподобную историю встречи с пришельцем

Paranormal case occurred 45 years ago.

17 Oct 1973 26-year-old Jeff Greenhaw – the chief of police Falkville, Alabama, has been admitted with his wife to sleep when I got an emergency at 10 PM. This call forever changed his life, reports the with reference on Paranormal news.

The call was from remaining anonymous woman who literally went into hysterics. She screamed that saw a big UFO landed near the city in a field that belonged to the farmer Bobby Summerford.

Someone else calling likely would have seemed a joke, but Grinham took everything seriously. He immediately got dressed, took his revolver and captured including the Polaroid because I wanted to photograph a UFO.

Then as quickly as possible on his truck he went to the specified field of Summerford. When Greenhaw arrived on the scene, he got out of the truck and walked around the entire field and surrounding areas. And… did not find anything unusual. The angry man got back in his car, thinking that he was just joking.

But before going home, he decided to do another lap around the field. And he again nothing unusual was found. Then the Gringo turned onto a dirt road to get off the field and here he came face to face with an unknown object, barely having crossed the road about 100 yards (90 m).

Greenhow later described the object as a humanoid (humanoid) figure, which stood on the side of the road is approximately 22 metres from a police truck slowed. Greenhaw got out of the car and approached the figure, which initially was not even considered a stranger, and thought that someone local got in trouble and the voice on the road, asking for help.

But the closer Greenhow approached the man, the stranger he seemed. Greenhaw called out to the man “You’re an alien?”, but he did not answer. When they were only a couple of meters Grinham finally realized that he was embarrassed by the appearance of the figure. The man was dressed in a strange metallic suit made of material that reminded him a thick aluminum foil.

Subsequently, considering Grinham made on his Polaroid photographs of this creature, many ufologists have noted that the figure of the creature looks very awkward, as if in a costume dressed up a baby or a chimpanzee.

Himself Greenhow does not seem to have paid attention to the different physical characteristics of beings, it was more his suit.

“It looked like a helmet and cervical suit bonded and are a single part. The suit was very shiny like mercury and smooth as glass. I looked at it at different angles and he always seemed to be a different color. I asked him if he flew on a UFO, but he was silent and all the time that I saw him, no sound came from him.”

Then Greenhaw noticed that from the top of the sticking out antenna, and that the substance is moving, but his movements are mechanical, like a machine. It was then Grinham finally realized that collided with something supernatural, and in shock ran to his car and managed to make four images to your Polaroid.

The photo turned out quite muddy, and they are even more darkened. They only can be seen a figure in a suit, similar to spacesuit, on a completely dark background. Greenhow wanted to do more photos, but click “stranger” suddenly excited, and ran quickly across the field. Its speed was such that Greenhow understand, it’s not a person, people don’t move that fast.

Greenhow said that the creature ran off toward the village of Lacona, which was 3 miles from Polkville, and then he got in his truck and went with the stranger in pursuit.

According to him he squeezed out of his truck all he could, but even at the speed of 35 miles per hour, he could not reach the fleeing creature and soon lost sight of him. When this creature not only fled, but also did a lot of jumping, “breaking all the laws of gravity.”

“He moved in an extremely bizarre style, it seemed that his legs are sturdy steel springs which could throw it into the air three meters”.

Some time Greenhaw and chased the stranger, but then can not withstand such a frenzied pace, lost control of his truck and slid into a ditch. At this point he saw the creature one last time, as it disappears in the dark.

The next day Grinham told his colleagues, the police and showed photos, his story was met with derision and skepticism, and the images are no fixed degree of confidence.

In subsequent years, all life Grinham went because of this case derailed, he was ridiculed, his wife filed for divorce, and the house burned down (or burned). But these events gave the followers of conspiracy theories, the new fact of what happens to those who openly talks about seeing UFOs and meeting aliens.

Only later the story Greenhaw and his images began to carefully study this post. Some of them believe that “the man in the foil” was a robotic scout for extraterrestrial amphibious ships, while skeptics argue that it was all a lie Greenhaw and his unknown accomplice.

Американец рассказал правдоподобную историю встречи с пришельцем

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