The Americans will take the series on catastrophe at Chernobyl

Американцы снимут сериал о катастрофе на ЧАЭС

The American channel HBO and Sky will take the British mini-series about the disaster in 1986 at Chernobyl.Initially, the creators of the series “Game of thrones” and “breaking bad” were planning to shoot a 5-episode TV series “Chernobyl” in Ukraine, but then are unable to work and decided to move to Lithuania, writes the with reference to the Telegraph.

Still, the authors decided that a show about the tragedy of 1986 to remove the need only on the immediate scene. Because no other site will be able to convey all the realism, and to recreate the right picture.

Kyiv state administration reported that from 8 to 10 June, some streets will be closed to traffic, as at this time will be shooting some episodes of mini-series “Chernobyl”.

The plot of the series will tell “the history of the brave men and women risking themselves to save Europe from unimaginable disaster.” Role in the film will be played by Jared Harris (TV series “Mad men,” “Terror”), Emily Watson (“the book Thief”, “Breaking the waves”), Stellan Skarsgard (“Thor,” “Nymphomaniac” “Good will hunting”, “Dogville”) and others.

The Director of “Chernobyl” made by Johan Renk, who is known for his work on some episodes of the TV series “breaking bad” and “the Vikings”. The writer was Craig Mazin, who wrote 2 and 3 of the Comedy “the Hangover”. And the main producer is Carolyn Strauss, HBO which was responsible for such series as “the Sopranos,” “Sex and the city” and “Game of thrones”.

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