The armless artist was stabbed by the scissors that kept feet

Безрукий художник проткнул туриста ножницами, которые держал ногами

The armless artist was stabbed by the scissors that kept feet

Author: Alina Dykman

Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections

Miami beach Florida Chicago

22-year-old Cesar Coronado of Chicago will always remember this trip to the sunshine state, where he received a set of armless street artist.

46-year-old Jonathan Crenshaw — live attraction Miami beach (FL). Homeless and armless male years attracts the attention of tourists, painting with feet painting on Lincoln Road Mall.

On Tuesday, July 10, the artist was detained because he punched a 22-year-old boy with a pair of scissors which he held in his feet.

According to the victim, his friend just asked who was sitting on the sidewalk of Crenshaw road, and he suddenly jumped up and hit Coronado scissors.

The Jonathan Crenshaw argues that in General “was lying on the pavement, no touching”when Coronado for no reason hit him on the head — that he had to defend himself. Anyway, the injured boy was found lying on the ground, with a deep bleeding wound.

Now street artist in jail, the trial is scheduled for July 18. Previously, Jonathan Crenshaw was detained: for vandalism, public disturbance, etc.

Crenshaw talked about a lot of interesting (and insane). For example, that he was born in Alabama and traveled around the country with his mother, who… fed him rat poison. Or that he impregnated many women, including pop star Gloria Estefan.

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