The Army and the government share in base64 on Twitter and surprise the viewers

L'Armée et le gouvernement échangent en base64 sur Twitter et étonnent les internautes

The State-general staff of the Armed forces and the government had an odd exchange on Thursday, 14 on Twitter. The two accounts have in fact briefly discussed in base64, an encoding computer, to announce a year of cyber defence: the Defnet.

No, “the children of the commander-in-chief” are not “locked in the computer room”. This Thursday night, the chief of Staff of the French armies surprised by posting a message composed of the signs meaning incomprehensible to on Twitter.

Viewers were even more surprised when the account of the government reacted to the publication in the same “terms”.

A few jokes of twitter fun later, some knowledgeable people said that the language used was the result of a computer code: the base64-encoded, which is recognized by the “=” sign, which terminates every message.

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The State-general Staff of the armed forces has in fact tweetté: “Launch of the initialization sequence. Program Defnet. Processing”.

Defnet is an exercise in cyber security, organized each year by the State-general Staff of the armed forces. This year has so obviously been started in the night and will continue for ten days.

“In the logic of the “Covenant” cyber defence “developed by the minister of Defence, this year’s annual joint accompanies the rise in power of the whole of the actors of this pole of expertise”, so is it explained on the site of the Army, who participates of course to the operation as the Navy and the Air force.

And the Twitter account of the government’s response to this message if particular: “Tm91cyB2b3VzIHNvdWhhaXRvbnMgdW4gym9uigv4zxjjawnllibrdwugbgegzm9yy2ugc29pdcbhdmvjihzvdxmuiezpbibkzsb0cmfuc21pc3npb24u”.

“We wish you a good year. May the force be with you. End of transmission”, wanted to say in the message.

The operation was in any case much amused internet users. The different corps of the army will communicate later on this year, and in an understandable language this time.

TWVyY2kgZCdhdm9pciBsdSBjZXQgYXJ0awnszswgzxqgw6agymllbntdthqgc3vyiezyyw5jzsbtb2lyiq== (Copy and then click here to decrypt the message).

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