The attack at the fair in Strasbourg: the shooter should have been arrested before for attempted murder (photo…

Теракт на ярмарке в Страсбурге: стрелка должны были арестовать накануне за попытку убийства (фото...

Wednesday, December 12, French media reported details of the terrorist act committed yesterday in the centre of Strasbourg. According to the revised data, killed three people. Another 12 were injured. Of these, six are in critical condition. The offender opened fire with automatic weapons on 11 December, around 20:00 local time (21:00 Kiev time) at the Christmas market at place kléber.

Теракт на ярмарке в Страсбурге: стрелка должны были арестовать накануне за попытку убийства (фото...

Published a photograph of the assailant, and found on his person. This 29-year-old native of Strasbourg Sharif Secatt. It turned out that he is well-known to law enforcement.

According to the newspaper Le Figaro, the man had previously come to the attention of the police and security services. He was awarded the status of a person “posing a threat to national security” (fiche S). Usually, this category is ready to use violence of radical Islamists.

The Ministry of internal Affairs reports that Sakata already has a criminal record, not only at home but also in Germany. It turns out that the officers of the National gendarmerie were arrested Sharif on the morning of 11 December on suspicion of attempted murder, but found him not at home. Perhaps Scatta someone warned. The apartment was searched and found grenades.

Christmas market in Strasbourg is one of the oldest and largest in Europe. The city is called “the European capital of Christmas.” These tend to fall in December, hundreds of thousands of tourists from different countries of the world. Kleber square and the approaches thereto are carefully guarded by the police before the shooting. It is known that there was on duty every day, around 300 police officers and about 160 guards in civilian clothes. At the entrances, and installation of concrete blocks in order to prevent terrorist attacks using vehicles. Anyone who wanted to enter the Christmas market, carefully inspect.

And yet Scatto somehow managed to get in there and carry a gun! Perhaps he deliberately chose the evening, when the fair is especially crowded.

It is established that he entered the territory of the Christmas market from the bridge corbo, which leads to the Strasbourg Cathedral. On the street Quai des orfèvres Sharif came to the place kléber and immediately opened fire. I started to panic. People ran in different directions. Many fell, stumbled, or had sprung up at each other.

Police rushed to the sound of gunfire. The assailant tried to flee. The military came to the rescue, also take part in patrolling the streets, opened fire on him. Secatt was wounded, but he managed to escape. He left, sitting in a taxi and threatening the driver. The taxi driver was later found, he testified. In the operation to search the Strasbourg arrow is attended by about 400 police officers and 200 gendarmes. Involved also the military.

The investigation into the attack on place kléber took over the division on combating terrorism Prosecutor of Paris. To investigations also joined the General Directorate of internal security Affairs is one of the intelligence services of France. While the case was initiated under articles “Murder” and “Attempted murder”. Officials call the attack a terrorist attack. It is possible that Sakata were accomplices. This was stated by the mayor of Strasbourg.

None of the Islamist terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the attack. Us company SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadist groups on the Internet, stated that in the Telegram, the Islamists welcomed the attack.

These days in Strasbourg passes the next session of the European Parliament. In the city there are hundreds of politicians and their assistants from all EU countries. The deputies were in the Parliament building when the shooting started. It’s nearly midnight by the Chairman of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani and allowed those who live on the outskirts of Strasbourg, to leave the building independently. The members living in the centre, the French police have provided armed escorts. The session is suspended.

Strasbourg city centre is completely blocked. The Christmas fair is discontinued for an indefinite time. Kleber square and the adjacent streets were empty. The forces of law and order established two of perimeter security. One of the broader scope, the other — compact — close to Strasbourg Cathedral. All cultural objects are closed, flags at half-mast in sign of mourning. Don’t work kindergartens and elementary schools. Recommended to parents not to let children out of the house.

Теракт на ярмарке в Страсбурге: стрелка должны были арестовать накануне за попытку убийства (фото...

Law enforcement agencies of the German Federal state of Baden-württemberg tightened control on the border with France and check going from Strasbourg. Motorists are asked to refrain from crossing the borders in the area. There is reason to believe that the suspect will attempt to flee to Germany.

The President of France Emmanuel macron were immediately informed about the attack. He was sent to Strasbourg, the interior Minister Christoph Costanera. Macron held an emergency meeting on the crisis staff. In the night of 12 December, the President met in Paris with the Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe and Minister of the armed forces, Florence Parlee.

The terrorist threat level in the country was raised to the maximum. Declared carrying out anti-terrorist operations Sentinelle and Vigipirate, in which active military.

The situation in France is extremely tense. Monday, December 10, Makron has imposed a state of emergency in connection with the mass protests of the “yellow jackets.” They began in November. Hundreds of thousands of French people opposed the tax increase on petrol, gas and diesel fuel, which the government were going to spend on 1 January 2019. After the largest over the past 50 years of unrest macron concessions. The government decided not to raise taxes and freeze rates for all fuel types for six months.

But it was not enough. “Yellow jackets” have put forward new demands. Macron has promised to 2019 to increase the minimum wage in the country for 100 euros. In addition, he noted that the French will get at the end of the 2018 prize, which will not be taxed. Also, according to Macron, 2019 not subject to tax overtime hours of work.

“Yellow jackets” to celebrate the victory. However, it is not clear where the government urgently seek money to fulfill the presidential promise. According to conservative estimates, only in 2019 will require at least 10 billion euros of additional investments in the budget. This was announced by the Secretary of state of France, Olivier Dussault.

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