The attack of the unusual animals of the forest managed to capture on video

Нападение необычного лесного зверя удалось снять на видео

A man walking through the woods with the dog when it attacked an unidentified animal.

We offer to your attention a video shot in 2015, but the path to it on the video hosting YouTube has been complicated by the fact that it is still unknown where it happened and who was the author of this material, according to the with reference to Esoreiter.

It is necessary to emphasize that the video quality is not so hot, but experts analyzing the details of the video, say the following: the operator with a video camera was walking in the forest and with him was a dog. At some point, the man drew a strange animal that appeared among the trees, and the operator, as every normal person with their innate curiosity and thirst for sensations, began to remove animals of the forest, despite the obvious danger of such a close presence of a large predator.

Moreover, this creature is dark in color, if you look closely, constantly changing its shape, turning it into a wolf, boar, horse. In the end, this creepy werewolf lunges at the dog. The owner is trying to drive away the beast cries, but then, apparently, understands (hear the yelping dogs which had overtaken the forest predator) that it is better to be on the Lam, throws the camera (or accidentally drop it) and… On this record is dropped. The further fate of the dog and its owner are unknown.

On the Internet you can find some clarification to the posted record, from which we can understand that the authors of this video prompted the publication of the following:

– first, the account is true (tested by professionals), although its quality wants to be the best, but apparently all of this was filmed on a simple camera, even a smartphone;- secondly, the entry was discovered in the woods along with the abandoned (lost) video camera (smartphone), which indirectly again confirms the authenticity of the events at that moment the mysterious events in the woods;- thirdly, this video has been reported (published) at the time the foreign media, although the video sharing website YouTube material and was not hit during these years. And here the authors decided to fill this gap, especially because such “news” have virtually no time frame – they are interesting not for its freshness and mystery, inexplicability of what happens sometimes in our lives.

So, watch the video and try to understand what happened in the woods…

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