The Australian told the story of the cursed stone, which brought him misfortune

Австралиец рассказал историю проклятого камня, принесшего ему несчастье

The man is convinced that he caught the “curse of Uluru”.

Aussie Steve hill is confident that he started the streak, which including turned into a large repair his car after he visited the Uluru rock (Uluru) in the past year and had brought to memory a small orange stone, reports the with reference on Paranormal news.

And the man is sure that this is not just a coincidence. “My friends and relatives told me not to raise it, but I did it,” says hill, who believes he has joined a long list of other damned tourists who took a sacred place of stones or sand. He calls his adversity “the curse of Uluru”.

Rock Uluru – lonely-alone massive ancient rock bright orange. Located 450 km South-West of the town of Alice springs in Central Australia. For local natives it’s a sacred place and is associated with their rich mythology. According to the myths of the natives that once lived there master of the mountain — water Python. And on a steep slope lived black lizard.

Aborigines regularly hold ceremonies at this sacred rock. Hill visited Uluru in June last year and when he saw this stone, I felt a very strong desire to pick it up and take possession of them. Hill admits that although he heard about the curse of Uluru before, he thought it was just nonsense and silly stories, so he decided to take the stone anyway.

“When I called my daughters and told them what I did they thought I was crazy and told me that I immediately returned the stone back, but I never did.” Almost immediately after hill took the stone, he began a series of misfortunes for which he paid more than 13 thousand Australian dollars and from these experiences he even ached heart.

“First, on the way home through the wastelands of Queensland suddenly, there appeared a large kangaroo. He started to jump and went straight at me and with full force smashed into my car. I had to call in for repairs, and I have often traveled these wastelands, and I’ve never seen such aggressive behavior of a kangaroo. It was then that I remembered the curse.”

But the failure of the hill was just beginning. A few months later, during a trip to North Queensland, the engine of his car for no reason at all puffed blue smoke, and almost immediately exploded. “The mechanics were very puzzled as to what caused the engine failure”.

Even after this, hill did not return the stone, but he was smart enough not to keep it in the house, and put on the shelf in the garage. But bad luck continued. Suddenly all the photos from the trip to Uluru had disappeared from the memory card of his phone. After that, scared hill finally decided to return the stone. He’s going to go to Uluru next month. Hill is not the first who suffered from “the curse of Uluru”.

In fact, according to a travel company that conducts tours to the rock, every year they send dozens of packages in which contain stones or sand, taken on the memory of tourists. The largest of the returned stones weighed 32 kg. most of these rocks are returned with accompanying letters of apology.

Австралиец рассказал историю проклятого камня, принесшего ему несчастье

Австралиец рассказал историю проклятого камня, принесшего ему несчастье

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