The Avengers star Jeremy Renner threatened to kill his ex-wife and himself

Звезда Мстителей Джереми Реннер угрожал убить бывшую жену и себя

Ex-wife of Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner (Jeremy Renner), star of the franchise “the Avengers”, Sonny Pacheco claims that ex-husband threatened to kill her and himself.

Renner and Pacheco are currently experiencing a battle for custody of her daughter Ava, and the actor loses a legal dispute. His ex-wife claims that previously, under the influence of drugs and he threatened her with murder, and then was going to kill himself. Renner also allegedly fired a gun at the ceiling while his daughter slept. The incident occurred in November last year.

Pacheco is seeking sole custody of a common child, proving that Renner can’t be trusted because of the history of threats, pressure and substance abuse. He claims Jeremy Renner left cocaine in the bathroom within reach of his daughter.