The bachelor season 6 Irakli Makatsaria married in the new clip of the singer RULADA (Video)

Холостяк 6 сезона Иракли Макацария женился в новом клипе певицы RULADA (Видео)

The main character of the sixth season of the romantic show “the Bachelor” Irakli Makatsaria has played the role of groom in a new clip Ukrainian singer.

Singer RULADA recorded a new song and video to it. In the video the main role went to enviable bachelor Irakli Makatsaria, who was looking for love on the sixth season of “the Bachelor.”

The winner of the sixth season of the show was Alain Lasik. By the way, after the project Heraclius failed to maintain relations with a girl, and soon the couple parted. After the Bachelor was thought to have an affair with Annette (which, except for season 6, decided to exhibit 8), and Olga Bagirova (participant 7 season).

However, it is known that Makatsaria is still a bachelor. But Irakli is not upset, because it was a great opportunity to try yourself in the role of bridegroom and to get married at least in the music video.

RULADA said that I was delighted when Irakli agreed to star in her video. According to the singer, in the video she was about to reveal a story of love: people meet, fall in love and create a family. Perhaps the singer wanted the Bachelor to experience for yourself all the things which, in principle,went a few years ago for a project and which is still felt.

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