The Bay of San Francisco is filled with tons of micro-plastic tires

Бухта Сан-Франциско забита тоннами микропластика от автомобильных шин

Trillions of micro-plastic particles found in the Bay of San Francisco – the most comprehensive study to date finds a layer on the bottom of the sea and in the digestive systems of fish.

The most complete study of microplastics in California have revealed a stunning number of particles in the Bay of San Francisco. The researchers found that in the Bay of San Francisco alone through the storm drains there are approximately 7 trillion fragments of micro-plastic. Almost half of the pieces of tires, dripping off the streets and into the ocean via rainfall runoff.

The treated wastewater is given further 17 billion tiny fragements plastic. “It is everywhere, wherever we looked,” says Rebecca Sutton (Rebecca Sutton), environmental scientist. What surprised Sutton is the fact that its study of the watershed in the Bay area revealed a higher concentration of microparticles than similar studies conducted in Europe, Japan and China.