The Belgians handed out medications from the harmful effects of radiation

Бельгийцам раздают лекарства от вредного воздействия радиации

European country seriously worried about nuclear prevention.

Remembering the sad experience of Pripyat, the government purchased 4.5 million iodine tablets in case of radiation leakage from nuclear power plants “Dul” and “Tihange” reports the with reference for Today.

Residents of the Belgian towns located near nuclear power plants, handing out tablets with high content of iodine, which is necessary to drink, if there’s a failure in the reactor.

“Today” was able to visit one of these cities and learn how the local population refers to such an extent and why the government is so afraid of the nuclear threat.

In the Belgian city of Huy, as nowhere else, understand the residents the infamous Pripyat, since the city is only a few hundred metres from the existing nuclear power plant “Tihange”.

In the information brochures they write that the possibility of a radiation leak is low, but exists.

Last year one of the reactors was stopped due to a defect in design, and after the attack in Brussels in 2016, media reported that the NPP was the main target of Islamic fundamentalists. The panic was only due to the actions of the Prosecutor’s office.

At the same time, in case of emergency to the population of nearby cities handing out free tablets with high content of iodine – you can get them at any pharmacy. Such a small thing can save a life, preventing disease of the thyroid gland after radiation leaks.

However, it turns out that such tablets have in the medicine Cabinet not each resident.

Meanwhile, according to the government, of the tablets this year purchased 4.5 million, and next plan to buy more.

Now they are available to everyone living within 20 km from nuclear power plants “Dul” and “Tihange” and the government wants to increase this radius up to 100 km Thus, the action of the Ministry will cover the territory of almost the whole country.

But this measure has been enforced because the government already decided to abandon nuclear power by 2025 and go to the net types of energy production.

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