The best movies about Easter that define the holiday Sunday (Video)

Лучшие фильмы о Пасхе, которые скрасят праздничное воскресенье (Видео)

The resurrection of Christ is one of the main, if not the most significant holiday for Christians of all denominations, and the fate of Jesus remains an important topic in art.

But in addition to traditional Easter cakes and eggs of Easter and the Gospel in the world there are the old characters still surviving from pre-Christian times in Europe – the Easter Bunny, wreaths, and fun, and they also become heroes of movies and cartoons, helping the adults to tell the children about the symbolism of the main spring festival.

The Passion Of The Christ (2004)

The Mel Gibson movie, filmed in 2004, was an event in the world of cinema, despite the modest results for the collection of various awards (“Oscar”, for example, three nominations and no statuettes). But his exit was accompanied by incredible scandals and debate about the permissibility of such a credible imitation of the events that happened with Jesus in the last 12 hours of his life. The movie characters speak in Aramaic and colloquial Latin, and the suffering of the Christ starring James Cavizel partially had to experience in pursuit of authenticity Gibson forced to carry a real cross and even gave to feel the strokes of the whip, and the crucifixion scene was filmed without the help of computer graphics only the makeup. Such reliability was not liked by the representatives of the churches.

Ben Hur (1959, 2016)

The legendary motion picture of 1959, which first won the Oscars in 11 nominations. The story is loosely based on the novel by Lew Wallace tells the audience about the historical Jesus, who stands there in the background, though it is one of the key characters.

The film’s protagonist – a wealthy Jew Judah Ben-Hur, in adulthood he met his childhood friend, now a Roman tribune Messala, and then he started his journey, during which he not only met Jesus, but also gains faith in that. And once in his life, a miracle happens when the seemingly last hope is already dead.

If old movies seem too boring and not enough special effects, then in 2016 came the remake with breathtaking chariot races and other examples of the excellent work of computer graphics.

The robe (1953)

The film is not about Jesus, but about his executioners, and was tormented by their conscience for the crucifixion, as has been the fate of the commander of the soldiers who executed Christ. The film’s protagonist is the son of a Roman Senator tribune Marcellus, he met Jesus on the day of execution, but believed?

At the time, the film won the “Oscar” for the work of production designer and costume and won a Golden globe as best film of the year.

King of kings (1961)

What if… of Course, history does not tolerate subjunctive mood, but what if Jesus led a revolt Varray? If in addition to spiritual enlightenment, he decided on a political career? The life of Jesus in this film is presented through the prism of the political situation in Judea at the time, and the actions of some of the gospel characters acquire new motives.

The greatest ever told of the stories (1965)

The film is based on a novel by Fulton Oursler, compiled by the author of the most outstanding episodes of all 4 gospel. You can tell the classic biblical story in the year of its release was presented in 5 nominations for “Oscar”.

The film Director George Stevens deliberately did not use for shooting landscapes of Israel, and made the film entirely in the United States. The goal was to “romanticize” the background, but did he?

The day Christ died (1980)

The film is not artistic, but documentary as much as possible is essential in such circumstances. Its author, James sellan Jones traces the last days of Jesus ‘ life, behavior and motives of Pilate, and the inhabitants of Palestine. The picture clearly shows the parallel between Pilate and US President Richard Nixon, so the film is also political.

Easter parade (1948)

Easter traditions – is not only cakes, but also big bright holidays around one of these the action unfolds in an old Hollywood musical. And as in any musical, a touching love story, colorful costumes, songs and dances.

The rebels (2016)

The latest movie, which the authors refer to the New Testament, and again in the center of the story loses the very person of Jesus, but the story of finding faith in him, and the issue price of that faith. The main character is a Roman tribune who is assigned to investigate rumors of the resurrection of Christ. He finds the Teacher, but forgive the Romans the betrayal?

The last temptation of Christ (1988)

Martin Scorsese trying to find the answer to the question, what would have happened if Jesus had not died on the cross, what would have been his life and what price he was willing to pay for it. The movie is one of the key works of the Director, its premiere was accompanied by scandal and indignation of religious organizations.

It all starts with the fact that Jesus was a carpenter, and he makes the crosses on which the Romans crucified rebels…

Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo (2004)

Cartoon for the little ones. There is not a story about Jesus, but the kids with their favorite characters will return the Bunny love Easter and Easter traditions.

At the same time and learn how to prepare for the holiday and what are the traditional games and customs.

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